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A lot of sex advice ends with “talk about it.”
That’s where ours begins.

Squirm helps people have productive and compassionate conversations on difficult topics, primarily related to sex and relationships. We do this through approachable and inclusive offerings, including events, workshops, an audio course, and more products on the way. 

From committed relationships to casual sex, the ability to express your sexual needs and desires leads to better, more satisfying experiences.

A lot of sex advice ends with “talk about it.” That’s where ours begins.

what we do

We create entertaining, educational, and erotic content that explores everything from the yikes-so-squirmy to the squirm-so-good, and the vulnerability that ties it all together.

about us

co-founder, she/her

Kels is a producer, businesswoman, and sex and relationship enthusiast. She never underestimates the power of a good story or a good spreadsheet.


In tandem with a career in project management and marketing, she has been writing, directing, producing and performing for film and theater since 2013.

Kels believes the core of a good business, production, or sexual experience is the same: being attuned to other people and aware of their sweet spots. She’s committed to restoring education to its natural state — enticing. 


co-founder, she/her

Tess uses her experience as a researcher to establish a data-driven foundation for Squirm. She holds a master's degree from the University of Amsterdam where she researched the intersection of sex education and pornography.


Tess has organized events featuring sex educators, filmmakers, and academics with the goals of celebrating erotic culture and destigmatizing talking about sex. She is a feminist erotic film enthusiast and is always looking ahead to the next indie film festival. 

Squirm Team




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Tess and Kels give enthusiastic consent to receive your squirmy questions, tales from squirmland, tried and true squirm tips, and dirty jokes. 

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