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Official selection at the 2021 Gotham Week Project Market

oral hygiene

sex communication audio course

10 days of bite-sized lessons designed to be consumed while you brush your teeth 

It can be difficult to know how to improve sexual communication skills.

That is why we created Oral Hygiene.


what is
oral hygiene?

Oral Hygiene is Squirm's 10-day audio course dedicated to healthy sexual communication.


Oral Hygiene focuses on topics such as asking for what you want, getting more comfortable with dirty talk, navigating performance anxiety, getting consent without breaking momentum, and much more.

What is OH?


Ten Days of


Companion Workbook

Bonus Episode

Course info

we cover...

Why Talking About Sex Doesn't Ruin Sex

Exploring Desire 

Timing Your Conversations About Sex 

Expressing Desire: Building a Vocabulary

Making Consent Sexy 

Rejection vs. Redirection 

Dirty Talk 

Orgasms & Erections 

Ways to Be an Ethical Porn Consumer 

+ More! 

Habit Stacking

what does brushing my teeth have to do with sexual communication?

The course is built on a proven technique for personal growth called habit stacking. Habit stacking means using an existing behavior as a cue to add a desired new behavior. When you listen to Oral Hygiene, you'll be stacking the desired new behavior of better sexual communication on top of a hopefully existing behavior of brushing and flossing your teeth.

Each episode is about six minutes long and broken into three parts:


The Brush

Core concept of the day


The Floss

An action item associated with the core concept


The Mouthwash

A fun palette cleanser

OH Packages

are you
ready to...

  • improve your sexual communication

  • learn how to ask for what you want and need in bed

  • get more comfortable receiving feedback

  • explore new desires

  • become a better dirty talker

  • become an even better sex partner


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