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voicing your desires


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So, what are you into? 


This can be a tough question to answer. When it comes to sex, a lot of us aren’t sure what we are into, because we haven’t spent much time intentionally exploring what turns us on. If we do know, it can still be difficult to share with a partner. 


How much detail do you give? What if they react negatively?

In this workshop, we will help you craft your own answers to the question, "what are you into?" to express your sexual fantasies and desires to a partner.


We cover topics such as types of touch, moods and styles, settings, kinks, fantasies, toys and props. With our help, you’ll build a customized sexual vocab bank, and we’ll also provide you with exercises to continue discovering and expressing your desires as your sexuality evolves.


You helped me write my thoughts down to get proper clarity. No use just thinking about it in my head.

we cover...

  • Why this question is difficult (but important!)

  • Communication as foreplay

  • Personal guideposts when exploring your desires

  • Components to crafting your unique answers (touch, style, toys, fantasies, kinks)

  • Putting words to your overall desires as well as specific in-the-moment preferences

  • Games and activities to share preferences with a partner (from casual to committed)


Helped me to recognize what I want so I can share with others.



90 minutes with guided prompts and exercises. Sign up for the newsletter to learn more.


In Person

2 hour workshop with guided journaling prompts and follow-up exercises. Minimum 6 participants.

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