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Playful and penetrating prompts about sex


let's get squirmy

A game for the sexually curious.
Suitable for friends and lovers. 

Each of us brings a unique perspective to the topic of sex. Past experiences, internet porn, how our families talked (or didn’t talk) about it, religious beliefs, and school sex education are some of the many factors that influence how we develop our sexuality over time. ​While talking about sex is often uncomfortable, it can also be healing–and hot.


We created get squirmy to offer a way to have fun with the topic of sex. These 90 playful prompts will get you laughing and connecting with friends and lovers alike.​

try it out! 

Click through some sample questions

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Is honesty always the best policy?

how to play

Pull a card and read the prompt to your partner. If you’re playing with more than one person, ask the person to your left. Or play it your own way and let everyone answer all the questions. The important thing is to create a safe space to be vulnerable. Listen, be present, and be yourself.

Use these prompts as opportunities to dig a little deeper. Try asking, “What about that turns you on or off?” Don’t let the cards limit your conversation.

There are no wrong answers! Keep an open mind and don’t make someone feel bad about what they like.


It’s ok to veto. We invite you to push beyond your comfort zone, but there’s nothing wrong with choosing to skip a prompt. Asserting boundaries is sexy.

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