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Porn Nerds



A new podcast mini-series about
the good and the bad of the smutty.
A co-production of Squirm and BOOM.

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Join Kels and Tess, Squirm co-founders and self-proclaimed porn nerds, on a penetrating plunge into the world of pornography. 


Porn is a thorny topic, full of stigma and intrigue. Porn has been around for centuries, has taken many forms, incited many scandals, and it doesn’t appear to be going anywhere. 

Whether you hate it, love it, or fall somewhere in between, the reality is that porn is a lasting fixture in our culture of sex. It’s a global, billion-dollar industry with billions of monthly clicks. And, just like any other industry, it is messy and complex, with beauty and exploitation. 


This sex-positive miniseries explores our collectively complicated relationship with porn. Hosts Kels and Tess approach the topic with levity, curiosity, and research. Plus, hear from an alluring array of industry experts along with everyday folks. 


You’ll laugh. You’ll blush. You’ll cringe. You’ll ponder. We guarantee you’ve never heard anything like it. 

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