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Let's Play Nookie

A game by Squirm™ where everyone gets a turn.


Nookie is a fun, inclusive game for the sexually curious. These 90 question and action cards are designed to inspire intimate conversations about sex. Play Nookie with friends and lovers – it’s suitable for any level of connection.

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How often do you talk about sex with friends?


Nookie is designed to spark intimate, playful, and honest conversations about sexuality. 


We each bring a unique perspective to the topic of sex. Past experiences, porn, how family talked (or didn’t talk) about sex, religious beliefs, and school sex education are some of the many facets that influence how we develop our sexuality over time. For many, this can be hard to talk about. 

While talking about sex can be challenging, it can be also be fun and hot. We created Nookie to offer a space have fun with topic of sex. These 90 playful prompts will get you laughing and connecting with friends and lovers alike.

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