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Join our first-ever
Oral Hygiene Course Cohort

MARCH 3-13

It can be hard to know when and how to work on sexual communication skills. That is why we created Oral Hygiene, the audio course.

As part of this cohort, you will receive access to our 10-day audio course, the Oral Hygiene community chat, a workbook with scripts and exercises + more!  

What does cohort include?

  • Kick-off call with Kels & Tess on March 3

  • Full audio course (all 10 days)

  • Oral Hygiene workbook with scripts, exercises, and recaps of your daily lessons

  • Opportunity to join the Oral Hygiene community group on Discord

  • Bonus ‘Tongue Scrapers’ (scripts) and ‘Deep Cleans’ (journal prompts)

  • Bonus Episode: How to be an ethical porn consumer

  • Wrap-up call, including a Q&A, on March 13

How much does it cost?

​$32 for everything (20% off the normal course price). This is a beta group and the lowest the cohort will ever be. 

Dates & Deets

March 3: Kick-off Call & Mythbusters
March 4: Exploring Desire
March 5: Timing Convos About Sex
March 6: Expressing Desire
March 7: Communication Toothpicks
March 8: Making Consent Sexy
March 9: Rejection vs. Redirection
March 10: Dirty Talk
March 11: Vulnerability
March 12: Orgasms & Erections
March 13: Wrap-Up Call

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