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ethical porn

Blue Artichoke Films

"Award-winning, creative erotic films that portray sexuality in an emotionally realistic way. Hot, surprising, and intimate." Founded by director Jennifer Lyon Bell.


Nicknamed the Netflix of porn. "Genres include classic and vintage adult films, sex education, documentary, and collections of award-winning films selected at adult film festivals around the globe." Created and curated by Shine Louise Houston.


"Crowd-sourced erotic cinema: the public's secret desires are turned into screenplays for Erika Lust and guest directors from around the world."

Four Chambers

"Exploring themes of technology, symbolism, mythology and alchemy and their intrinsic intersection with sex, Four Chambers is independent, DIY, conceptual, pornography cinema." Headed by Vex Ashley. 


Lioness Guide to Erotica

Inclusive guide to erotica in many forms.

Juicebox Erotica

13 stories you can read online for free!

consent resources

Planned Parenthood

The go-to FRIES acronym for sexual consent

Consent Castle

Robot Hugs Consent Castle comic

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