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why squirm


Talking about sex ruins sex.

If you’re talking about it, there is a problem.

Great sex should just happen naturally.

 These are damaging myths about sex. 

Talking about sex can be squirmy. It certainly is for us sometimes!

Just like anything else, it becomes more comfortable the more you do it.


Our focus is healthy sexual communication. From casual sex to committed relationships, the ability to express your sexual needs and desires leads to better, more satisfying experiences. 

Sex and relationships are full of  squirmy scenarios  in which good communication is key.

 establishing consent 

 ensuring safer sex practices 

 asking to be pleasured a certain way 

 checking in with your partner(s) 

 accepting redirection 

 exploring new desires or kinks 

Many of us feel fear and shame around sex, especially when it comes to expressing needs and desires. We don't want to ruin the mood or feel rejected.

 It's ok to 

 have needs 

 feel awkward 

 be vulnerable 

 use humor 

 look silly 

 be direct 

 need more information 

 ask questions 

 receive pleasure 


No one’s sexuality is wrong. No one is broken. There isn’t one way to have sex or be in a relationship. Investing time, energy, and money in improving your sex life isn't about achieving perfection. It's about cultivating the confidence and skills you need to experience intimacy in the ways that make you feel the most alive. 

We look forward to talking with you. After all, talking is what we’re all about.

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