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Our sex communication audio course is here. Listen to day one free. 

Official selection at the 2021 Gotham Week Project Market



10 days of bite-sized lessons designed to be consumed once a day while brushing your teeth + Bonus episodes, games & more

Listen on your favorite podcast app or stream from the browser.

Course info

This course is for you if…

  • You want to feel more comfortable talking about sex

  • You want to explore new desires, whether solo or partnered

  • You really aren’t sure what you desire

  • You want to supplement your inadequate sex education

  • You question the stigma around sex and sexuality

  • You want to be a more confident dirty talker

  • You want to be better at receiving feedback

  • You want to be a great sex partner

black-couple-lying-on-bed-together-sex-concept-9SKL3X2 (1).jpg

Together, we cover...

  • Why Talking About Sex Doesn't Ruin Sex

  • Exploring Desire 

  • Timing Your Conversations About Sex 

  • Expressing Desire: Building a Vocabulary

  • Making Consent Sexy 

  • Rejection vs. Redirection 

  • Dirty Talk 

  • Orgasms & Erections 

  • Ways to Be an Ethical Porn Consumer 

  • + More! 

Everything in deluxe plus

  • One 45-minute individual coaching session with Kelsey to ask specific questions, integrate the material, and set tailored goals


Everything in basic plus


  • Workbook with scripts to help you navigate expressing desire, redirection, consent, dirty talk and more!

  • Two Squirm Original games to explore sexual interests


10 days of lessons plus 

  • Bonus episode: Common cavities of sexual communication + tips for how to be an ethical porn consumer






OH Packages

deluxe +


Be kind to yourself and your partners. Practice good communication. Embrace the awkward.

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