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kink confessions with squirm: part 1

anonymous stories that will make you squirm

Hi Dreamboats,

Welcome to the first Squirm Share, where we (anonymously!) share your squirmy stories. For our inaugural batch of submissions, let’s get kinky.

Today we feature public sex, international virtual tales, and power play.


Just a coupla exhibitionists on vacation...

We both had a thing for public sex and the possibility of getting caught. We knew we couldn’t hook up on the beach because of police (and sand, ouch) so we wandered the dark streets until we found a vacation rental that seemed empty. It was up on a hill. The deck had a pool that overlooked the ocean. We fucked on the deck in full view of the neighborhood, unsure if anyone was sleeping inside the house. We fell asleep on the patio furniture and woke up to a person standing over us.

A virtual third...

I met this girl on Fetlife and we would occasionally swap pictures or have phone sex. I reached out one day to see if she was in the mood. She doesn’t live in the US, and only speaks Spanish. She says: “I’m with someone right now, I can’t.” I replied “Ooh, that sounds hot.” She says, “Do you want me to call you while he fucks me?” And I was like, absolutely. So she called me and I got myself off while listening to her get fucked. Que rico.

The playlist…

I had an international sexting friend who was really into sensory pleasure. He loved knowing the delicate details of touch, taste, scent, sight, and temperature. I decided to create a playlist for him that had an arc of intensity. It built slowly to a peak and then slowly came back down. We arranged a time to be online together. I told him to find a quiet space in his house and to put the music on so that he could hear it over everything else. Right before we got online I recorded a series of videos that went along with the songs. As we started chatting, I sent him one video per song along with instructions of what to do with himself. I talked him through how I would touch him if I were there. How it would feel. How my skin would taste. What the temperature would be. What I wanted him to be feeling in his body. I told him to mimic all of my movements. Give himself the same sort of intensity, roughness, pressure, speed, as I wanted to give him. And I built it up over time along with the playlist and then stayed with him as the songs brought him back down and gave some aftercare. International intimacy via digital mediums.

Dom for the weekend…

My long term boyfriend and I went to a neighboring city for a weekend. He wanted to be dominated. In anticipation of the trip, I started using my work cell phone to text him as an alter dom ego. We dirty texted, and I made him tell me why he was deserving of being my pet. The weekend came. One morning, he went for a run, and when he returned I was fully dressed as a dom. He had a penchant for humiliation, so I made him crawl, beg, strip naked in front of the big windows, and please me for hours.

Recovery from a decade of monogamy is an escalating series of discoveries...

#1: Good sex doesn’t require capital-L love. “You need to sleep with a lot more guys,” said a friend. Empowering AF.

#2: Sunny afternoons in bed with my toy buzzing in one hand and my phone in the other, sexting kinky fantasies with three strangers. “Daddy’s here,” texts one. “Do you want to dom our third while I dom you?” asks another. The third…

#3: Graduates to video. With a view of his washboard abs (and more) he lusts in English, Spanish, Italian.

Pleasure doesn’t need an explanation.


Have a squirmtale to share? Email us! Squirmtales can be anywhere on the yikes-so-squirmy to squirm-so-good scale. Kinky stories, moments of great communication and connection, times where communication broke down. Best dirty talk. Worst pick up lines. We’re all ears.

Stories will be shared anonymously on the Squirm Share blog.

Submissions should be 3-300 words

Let's get squirmy!


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