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July: Kissing

This has been a wet, hot, smoochy July full of kissing advice, stories, and tongue tips.

Each month, we focus on a theme inspired by our conversation deck, Nookie. Each Wednesday, our subscribers receive one question related to that theme starting with the Nookie card itself. At the end of each month, the theme's squirmy synopsis is sent straight to their inbox. To join the fun, subscriber to the Squirmy Q newsletter.

The Nookie card for July was: Tell me about your first kiss

You responded:

We asked you to list three adjectives that describe how you kiss

We want to know what makes a good kiss a good kiss.

A little tongue, a little wet, a little slow and lots of physicality.


Soft that builds, the feeling of wanting to devour each other...and lip nibbles, taking time to taste each other.

Anticipation and reciprocity

The tension between enjoying the pleasure of the moment along with curiosity about where it’s heading next.

Poll: Kissing locations

Where on your body do you love to be kissed?

The back of my neck. Makes my entire body tingle.

Inner thighs!

Shoulders, chest, ears, lower tummy, lower still...

My nipples

Moving from my jaw and neck, then down my sternum.

Where don't I love being kissed?

See you next month. To join the fun, subscriber to the Squirmy Q newsletter.

- Kels & Tess


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