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kink confessions with squirm: part 2

anonymous stories that will make you squirm

Hi Dreamboats,

Welcome to the second Squirm Share, where we (anonymously!) share your squirmy stories. Here is our second batch of kinky confessions straight from your dirty mouths/emails.

Today we feature an airplane, sensory deprivation, some hot hot dance parties, and some REALLY hot sauce.


Get off, take off

I was boarding an airplane and texting with a friend. This is a purely platonic friend, but we tend to talk a lot about sex. We were sharing stories about how he was virtually domming people as of late. I was bored, curious, and a little horny. I made a proposal: “What if you show me?” The three dots appeared...he was typing. “Ok. But under the condition it is a one-time thing.” He proceeded to tell me that every message he sent must be indicated “read” immediately or I would be punished. He made me go to the bathroom, pre-take off, and masturbate. I emerged from the bathroom to find a flight attendant who was clearly annoyed and had been waiting for the bathroom to empty before take off. Oops.

Dark room with a view

We met at a dance club. This particular club had a pool, a dance floor, and for the really horny types, a dark room upstairs. The dark room was more of a dark loft overlooking the dance floor. After making out on the dance floor, our hands running under each others clothes, grabbing fistfuls of ass and tit and thigh, we made our way up the stairs. She held my hand as we walked slowly through the dark space, the sound of people kissing, moaning, fucking. I tried not to stare but I wanted to see the action. We found a spot in the back corner against the railing, overlooking the sweaty crowd, the lights and music pulsing. I asked if I could go down on her while she watched the crowd dancing. She said, fuck yes, I lifted her skirt, she spread her legs, and I ate her out right there against the railing. It was so hot to go down on her with the club and the other people fucking around us.

HOT sauce

DragonBallz (not his real name) loves CBT (cock and ball torture). This is with a model on Chaturbate.

I did it. I bought the hottest hot sauce I could find

that is wild

just a few drops on my dick

I have weaker ones that I can cover my whole dick with which aren't so bad

but the new strong one we're only up to a few drops lol

crazy pain

5-10 min max

do you touch yourself or are you just immersed in the sensation?

stroking makes it hurt more

so I usually just hold my dick and helicopter it around lol while biting my finger lol

i will think of you next time i grab the sriracha

Dirty dance floor

I went with a partner on a No Pants Subway Ride. It's a fun time, especially for the exhibitionist. We then went to an after party for some extra fun. It was in a dark bar full of pantsless people. Many things were making me increasingly hornier: watching people and all the exposed skin in the middle of the winter, dancing with my partner, teasing each other, making out. I got a hard-on, which is hard to hide when you're in your underwear. Knowing that people would notice it made me even more aroused.

My partner then pulled me next to a column on the dance floor and, with her hand, played with my dick. View was partially obstructed but if you were paying attention you knew she was jerking me off. I kept myself up leaning against her and the column as she made me orgasm, right there, in the middle of everyone. I was so aroused it didn't take long. She then cleaned the cum on her hand using my underwear, licked the rest and we went to the sidelines to enjoy a drink, me with wet underwear and a big smile.

Call me pillow princess

Sometimes my partner and I trade off whose turn it is to get all the attention in bed---we will dedicate an entire hookup to one person receiving all the pleasure. (The joke is that the giver also experiences pleasure by giving it, but that’s not what I’m talking about here!) Once, when it was my turn, my partner arranged my collection of toys on the bed, grabbed some lube, a blindfold, a few feathers, and then--the pièce de résistance-- restraints. He tied my wrists to the bedposts, covered my eyes, and then proceeded to tease, lick, and vibrate his way around my body. It started slow, with feathers and massage, and graduated to some real magic with my wand. Removing sight and movement brought me deeper within myself. I could enjoy the sexy sounds we were both making, and sink deeper into the pleasurable sensations on my skin and everywhere through my body.


Have a squirmtale to share? Email us! Squirmtales can be anywhere on the yikes-so-squirmy to squirm-so-good scale. Kinky stories, moments of great communication and connection, times where communication broke down. Best dirty talk. Worst pick up lines. We’re all ears.

Stories will be shared anonymously on the Squirm Share blog.

Submissions should be 3-300 words

Let's get squirmy!


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