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Squirm's Camp Casual handbook, your guide to having hot, satisfying, squirm-so-good casual relationships. 


Dating around. Hookups. Taking it slow. Friends with benefits. Situationships. Monogamish adventures. There isn’t one type of casual relationship. Nor is there one set of rules.


The one guiding principle that remains true? There is room for your needs at Camp Casual.


We sometimes get it in our heads that we shouldn’t talk about the relationship if it’s not “serious.” But needs do not just wait for if -- or when -- it gets “serious”. Often questions or desires will arise around...


  • frequency 
  • exclusivity
  • safety
  • kink
  • general sexual preferences
  • emotional intimacy 
  • communication styles 


Camp Casual gives you guidance and scripts for navigating these issues with your co-camper(s). 


Even if you’re just rafting for the day, it’s fair to ask that they help paddle or slather sunscreen on the hard to reach spots.

Camp Casual Handbook

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