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June: Building Trust

June was all about building trust in relationships.

Each month, we focus on a theme inspired by our conversation deck, Nookie. Each Wednesday, our subscribers receive one question related to that theme starting with the Nookie card itself. At the end of each month, the theme's squirmy synopsis is sent straight to their inbox. To join the fun, subscriber to the Squirmy Q newsletter.

The Nookie card for June was: How is trust built with you?

You responded:

By communicating openly

By accepting me when I’m most vulnerable

Small acts of kindness. It’s often built in the small things.


When someone consistently follows through on what they say

Stay connected during arguments, not assuming antagonistic intentions

Consistency and vulnerability

Being honest, especially when it’s hard

We learned quite a bit about your thoughts on building trust this month.

Poll: How does repairing trust differ from initially building it?

How do you show that you are trustworthy?

By being genuine and sincere

As a guy, I never, ever try to push the pace. Always meet in public first. Ask: Can I kiss you? Can I go down on you? Don't pour more into anyone's glass without asking first. I think these little things go a long way to establishing trust in the "dating" phase.

Open communication, sometimes articulation or verbalization (implicit to explicit), reliability, honesty…

Respecting boundaries

By simply doing what you say you will do on time without excuses…

Poll: Being trustworthy

See you next month. To join the fun, subscriber to the Squirmy Q newsletter.

- Kels & Tess


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