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why we squirm

Welcome to Squirm, an adult sex education platform.

​Communication is a learned skill. You have communication muscles that can be strengthened.

We aren't born with our communication abilities intact. We gradually learn new vocabulary and techniques for navigating the world by observing the people around us and absorbing the many messages we receive throughout the day. Have you ever found yourself incidentally using a new phrase because you heard it so many times?

Learning to communicate is a social experience. This is why it's realllyyy helpful to have good communication role models.

That's where we come in.

Squirm explores everything from the yikes-so-squirmy to the squirm-so-good, and the vulnerability that ties it all together.

Effective communication isn't always easy. Confronting a roommate about their untidy habits, negotiating a promotion, telling someone you love them for the first time… these moments can get our hearts pounding. Excitement, anticipation, fear—sometimes it's hard to tell the difference.

That's Squirm. The good, the tough, the titillating. We take the challenge of direct communication and apply it to our sex lives.

You will often hear us refer to the three common myths about sexual communication:

  1. Talking about sex ruins sex.

  2. If you have to talk about it, there is a problem.

  3. Great sex should just happen naturally.

The truth is (and the data shows) the people having the best sex are the ones talking about it.

Clothes on and clothes off, communication is vital for a healthy sex life. It's not always spoken—body language and facial expressions reveal a lot. However, we mostly focus on verbal communication. Talking. Using our mouths to emit sounds. That kind of thing.

We would love to know which sex communication topics you want to talk about. What makes you squirm-so-good? And squirm-so-yikes?

​So let's get squirmy! Write us an email (squirmteam at gmail dot com). Engage with us on social media (@getsquirmy). Comment on this post.

Talk to us. That's what we're all about.

Kels & Tess


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